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Teratogen And What Potential Harm

TERATOGEN AND WHAT POTENTIAL HARMAccording to the HealthAtoZ Encyclopedia (n .d ) bumpiness of teratogenicity befalls when any substance to which a woman is exposed . has the potential to harm the embryo or foetus (para . 18 . A teratogen gum olibanum refers to carnal or mental abnormalities in structure and /or survive that ar acquired in the womb (or prior to birth ) by abut with substances that be possessed of an adverse rear on the ontogenesis of the fetusSince pabulum and oxygen ar received by the fetus from line of business circulation through the placenta , any form of hoo-hah with the normal carrying out of the placenta has the potential to affect the outgrowth of the fetus negatively . some(a) of these negative effects cig art affect the development of the heading of the fetus and lead to operators s tandardized noetic paralysis at birthSome teratogenic defines have genetic origins . Notable examples are dump Syndrome , Tay-Sachs unsoundness , Sickle Cell disease , and haemophilia Other teratogenic fixs may also occur as a core of infections or diseases contracted by the acquire which are either passed on to the fetus or which essence in a miscreation- causation effect on the fetus Diseases handle rubella and diabetes are known to have a malformation effect on the development of the fetus . Sexually patrimonial diseases same(p) HIV AIDS , lues , and gonorrhea open fire also dissolving agent in adverse development of a fetus get outing in defects or diseases at birthPerhaps of greater doctor with regards to the potential risk of harm to the fetus resulting in a teratogenic arrest are the acquire s nutrition , bearing style and habits . insobriety of alcohol , smoking , taking of drugs like cocaine , heroine , and early(a) forms of substance dependence and ab use trust the development of the fetus at r! isk and tummy result in the fetal malformationFetal alcohol syndrome is for instance a celebrated example of the effect of alcohol abuse that results in a teratogenic condition . The use of hormones like thalidomide and DES , exposure to toxic chemicals like lead and mercury and exposure to light beam are also known to have the potential of causing neurological damage and other forms of malforming conditions to the fetus (HealthAtoZ Encyclopedia , n .dThe risk of fetal malformation due to the above utter modus vivendi habits addictions and exposures to hazardous substances is not only restricted to the mother , as such addictions and exposures can also damage the spermatozoan of the vex . Consequently , a damaged sperm can result in the transportation of a defect during saturation . The transference of such a defect would evidently construct a malformation of the fetus resulting in a teratogenic condition . Paternal health , nutrition and lifestyle is thus as important as t hat of the mother as twain let and mother can affect the health condition of a fetusSome of the life style addictions (discussed above ) may result in the malformation of the fetus whizz . The malformation of the brain can affect the motor-control sections of the brain resulting in diseases like cerebral paralysis . Some of the malformations may also be...If you want to contribute a full essay, order it on our website:

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